The crest is the most common symbol that the public recognizes on our uniforms.  The crests are on both arms of each uniform. 

Star of Life - The centre symbol of the crest, the star of life is a six branched star symbolizing: dedication, reporting,
                         response, on-scene care, care in transit, and transfer to definative care.

Wreath of Maple Leafs - Symbolizes the Canadian identity of the service.

Trillum - Symbolizes the service is in the province of Ontario. 

White Lines - The three white lines behind the star of life symbolizes the three great lakes, as the city of Sault Ste.
                           Marie is at the centre of the great lakes.

ECG - The ECG through the letters EMS symbolizes the goal of providing lifesaving care. 

The badge is a symbol or "coat of arms" for an individual to represent their alliance to a service.  It also serves as a formal means of identifying an individual and their position. 

Colour - A silver badge indicates a regular crew member.  A silver and gold panel badge inidicates a leadership officer. A gold and sliver panel badge indicates a senior leadership officer, and a gold badge indicates the chief. 

Top Panel - The top panel displays the position of the individual.
Bottom Panel - The bottom panel indictes the individuals badge number. 

Centre Seal - The centre seal displays the fire maltese cross as the bakground symbolizing our firefighters, with the centre of hte seal being the star of life, symbolizing the medical aspect of our service.  The wording "Fire, Medical, Rescue" found in the branches of the maltese cross recognize the services we provide to the our customers. 

The coat-of-arms of Superior EMS is the ceremonial symbol of the company.  Its symbolism represents the company, its vision, mission and values.   
Crown– The coat of arms are surmounted by St. Edward’s Crown, which represents the monarchy of Canada.
Escutcheon – The escutcheon (shield) is divided into three sections.  The first division on the top left contains the star of life, which symbolizes emergency medical services.  The second division contains the fire Maltese cross symbolizing fire-rescue operations. The third division contains the rod of Asclepius which symbolizes medicine and health care.  The top and bottom portion of the shield is divided by 3 waves, symbolizing the great lakes, and water rescue operations. 
Motto– The motto of Superior EMS is in Latin Ignis, Clinica Morbis Subitis, Liberandum.Which represents Fire – Emergency Medical Services – Rescue.  The three operational divisions of our company.
Supporters– Supporting the shield on the left side is the lion supporting a stretcher symbolising courage, nobility, strength and valor.  On the right side, the shield is supported by a dragon yielding an axe, which symbolizes knowledge and being a defender of the company. 
Compartment– The compartment contains the Maltese cross, symbolic of the knights hospitaller with its eight points symbolizing to: life in truth, have faith, repent one’s sins, give proof of humility, love justice, be merciful, be sincere and wholehearted, and endure persecution.  The trillium is symbolic of the company’s origin in Ontario.  
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