What are your hours of operation? 
Our hours of operation are flexibe to accomodate everyones learning needs.  A schedule is posted on our main lab website, however we will try our best to accomodate times outside the scheduled times.

How many people can the simulation lab accomodate?
This all depends on the types of scenarios you wish to practice.  We recommend small group environments of 2-4 people at a time to ensure quality learning, however depending on the type of practice a larger group may be acceptable.

Will there be a lab technician present at all times?
Yes.  Superior EMS believes in providing a safe, and quality learning environment.  There will be a lab technician on-site at all times to assist in your needs, and is able to prepare and support the learners as required.  For groups with their own instructors, the lab technician will ensure equipment is working at all times, and provide support where required.  Where an instructor is not present, the lab technician can provide support in the prepration and execution of the practice you wish to engage in. 

Are live scenarios permitted?
In fact we encourage live scenarios.  It goes without saying, but if you practice your skills in a live situation, the better chances of executing these skills in the real world.  Prior to a live simulation, you will be required to review the lab manual and ensure the proper consents and waivers are completed.  This will be provided to you at time of booking. 

Is there internet, AV equipment, and debriefing areas?
Yes, the lab is equipped with the internet, a projector, screen, computer, as well as cameras and other required equipment to review and monitor your simulations as required/requested.

Do I have to provide a live person for simulations?
It is recommended that you arrange for someone to role play for your scenarios.  We do have a number of standardized patients available upon request for an additional fee. 

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