EMR Training Program Materials
Introduction to the EMS System
The Wellbeing of the EMR
Legal and Ethical Issues
The Human Body
Lifting and Moving Patients 
The Airway and Ventilation
Automated External Defbirillators
Scene Assessment
Patient Assessment
Communication and Documentation
Cardiac and Respiratory Emergencies
Other Common Medical Complaints
Geriatric Considerations
Heat and Cold Emergencies
Bites and Stings
Psychological Emergencies and Crisis
Bleeding and Shock
Soft Tissue Injuries
Injuries to the Chest, Abd, and Genitalia
Burn Emergencies
Agricultural and Industrial Emergencies
Injuries to the Head, Spine and Neck
Injuries to the Spine
Musuloskeletal Injuries
Infants and Children
EMS Operations
Hazardous Materials Incidents
Water Emergencies
Vehicle Stabilization and Extrication
Special Rescue Situations

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