2018, A Year In Review...

As we look back at 2018, this year was a year of growth, change, and enhancement for Superior EMS.​

2018 was Superior EMS’ best year since opening in 2004.  Our training division increased exponentially seeing a significant increase in public training programs, as well as new partnerships with local business to provide the highest quality first aid and CPR training to their facilities.  

With our Event EMS division, we were so pleased to see the return of local stockcar racing at Superior International Motorplex after a few years’ hiatus.  Our fire/rescue and EMS teams were on-site every race providing advanced level emergency response.  We also saw growth in areas of smaller community events including pow wows, community walks, and other fundraising events within the community. 

Most notable was the addition of our non-emergent patient transfer division.  After the serious threat of municipal paramedics taking strike action, we were approached by a number of agencies to consider offering patient transfers. Superior EMS stepped up to the demand and launched our patient transfer division.  Although the municipal paramedic service landed up not initiating strike action, we continued forward with this service, and it has been extremely well received by the community.  Our goal is to provide an alternative form of stretcher-based transportation that strives to provide on-time service for individuals requiring transfers from facilities, to-and-from appointments, and more. 

We also saw growth in our staffing complement, expanding our paramedic, fire-rescue technician, and auxiliary volunteer staff to meet the demands of the community.  Our management team has also expanded, welcoming an additional Deputy Chief – Aaron Savage, and Superintendent – Vince Caputo, to ensure we maintain a high level of service provision.  

Change & Enhancement 
It was important as Superior EMS continued to grow, that we made some changes to the company to better service our clients. 

We have enhanced our training division by enhancing our training centre to include a new simulation lab, with advanced mannequins, an ambulance simulator, enriched and updated learning materials, and supplementary training services to meet the needs of learners in the areas of first aid/CPR, as well as emergency and health related programs.  

Our event EMS division has a new look, including a new uniform design to enhance visibility and crew safety.  This includes high-visibility uniforms, a new badge design, and other accessories to the uniform to enhance safety and performance of our staff and volunteers.  We continue to bear the same crest, and although many services are switching to the term “paramedic” versus “EMS” we made the decision to recognize the importance of not just our paramedics but all member of the Emergency Medical Services Team and maintain the term “EMS” in our name and logo design.   

A service such as ours is only as good as its tools, and one of the most important tools is our fleet of vehicles.  2018 saw a new rapid response unit being deployed, as well as in December a replacement ambulance type vehicle being purchased to meet the demands for our services.  This new vehicle has a number of modern enhancements that ensure a comfortable patient experience, and enhanced safety and visibility for our staff and volunteers. In addition to an expanded fleet, we have upgraded a most of the equipment we operate with including our trauma/oxygen bags, medical equipment, and communication equipment to better serve our clients. 

Markedly, Superior EMS has developed a new certification level for our employees, the Advanced EMR program.  This program further expands the emergency medical responder program to allow additional competencies, and scope of practice to ensure that the community is receiving a high degree of patient care.  Only our top firefighters and EMRs are selected to undergo the additional training and testing for this new certification. The Advanced EMRs are required to complete a rigorous training program including enhanced symptom relief medication delivery, advanced cardiac life support, advanced trauma assessment and management, and must complete quarterly re-certification/testing to ensure an extraordinary level of competency.  

In closing, we would like to thank the dedicated employees and volunteers of Superior EMS, our clients, allied agencies, and the community at large for making 2018 such a success, and as we look forward to 2019 we strive to continue to provide the highest level of service available, look forward to developing new partnerships and continue to grow with our community! 

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